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Hi, I’m Susan!
I’m not a hopeless creative. I’m a math nerd, which works out pretty well since photography is one big math equation. There’s a pretty degree on the wall from Western Carolina University and the day to day operations, organization, and photography are all my expertise. If you work with us at all, there’s a good chance we’ll talk at some point!
You should also meet Josh.
He is definitely the creative genius around here. If anyone is going to take a risk, it’s always him, and 99% of the time he totally nails it. He’s an incredible musician and composer, playing just about any instrument you put in front of him. At age four, he started learning piano and at 24, he played in front of 38,000 people. Eight years ago he started working with filming and editing and has a style all his own.
In some ways we’re your average couple. In other ways we’re the weirdest people you’ll ever meet. We were both raised in the mountains of western NC and got married before Pinterest existed. Now we’re settled in Hampton Roads with our kids, Hazel + Zane. Adoption is near and dear to our hearts! We’re far from perfect but are pretty real and down to earth with everyone we meet. One of the reasons we love weddings so much is because we love marriage and dating each other and building our lives together. It’s pretty awesome!
We love this business.
When it comes to weddings, we are absolutely passionate about giving you the most beautiful memories through photo + cinema. To us, the experience is just as important as the product. We not only deliver something you’ll cherish forever, we have a great time creating it and so will you!