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This Is Us, Trying to Have a Chill Birthday Party

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to know where you shine (or don’t).  For us, we’re not good at planning small get-togethers.  Our backyard parties have an average attendance of 100 people.  Our wedding had around 300.  We love people, and it’s hard for us to pare down a guest list because our hearts just aren’t in it.

This year for Hazel’s birthday party we decided to keep it low key.  We’d been planning for Princess Tiana come since she was Hazel’s favorite princess, but thought maybe just a few friends would be great and call it a day.


It was a mad house.  But the kids had fun, and Princess Tiana was a total hit.  She brought frogs for the kids to color, read them a story, sang songs and played games!
pintopinterest pintopinterestWhen Hazel blew out her candles and made a wish, she immediately said, “I wished that Tiana could come to my birthday every year!” pintopinterest pintopinterestYou can see last years Frozen birthday party here, and her Minnie Mouse birthday video here.

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