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Maternity // Gender Reveal

Being able to follow a family throughout a major life change is an honor, and with this family, I got to do their pregnancy announcement, gender reveal party, maternity, baby shower and lifestyle newborn photos!  Admittedly, the baby shower photos were a given since I hosted the shower at my house.  But still, how unbelievably cool is that?  However, I was on a blog hiatus at the time, so I’m blogging them now. :)  Forgive me?

Here’s how this momma set it all up.  Earlier in the week she had an ultrasound to learn the gender for baby #2.  She had the doctor put the ultrasound pictures & info in an envelope which she quickly gave to another friend who was helping her plan the party.  You read that right– this gender reveal was even a surprise for the mom-to-be!  Scroll down a little further to see how they organized the actual reveal!


Family of three… ready to find out if they’re expecting another boy or a little girl! pintopinterest

They asked everyone to wear a bowtie or bow– whichever team they were on! pintopinterest pintopinterestHere are the teams!  Team pink is on the left… team blue is on the right.  Big brother is on both teams. :) pintopinterest

Technology is awesome!  The dad’s family lives across the country, but were able to watch the reveal live! pintopinterest

And now for the big reveal!  Danielle (the mom-to-be) took her friend to the store & picked out a set of girl colors & a set of boy colors.  Then she gave her friend the envelope with the gender information in it & left.  The only person who knew the gender was this friend!  She got the appropriate color tubes of pain and covered them all up with silver tape.  Each person got a tube & at the same time everyone squirted them on the canvases! Hampton_Roads_Wedding_Photographer_0042pintopinterest

Look at this momma’s face!  I believe that says it all! pintopinterest

Let me tell you– the level of excitement here– I never knew it could be so excited to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl!  Seriously- they took a fun moment & shared it with all of their friends, taking the excitement level through the roof! pintopinterest pintopinterest pintopinterest pintopinterest

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